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TRUE FRIENDS® garden tools are produced by FREUND-VICTORIA® Gartengerate GmbH of Germany, manufacturers of superior quality garden tools for homeowners and professionals for over 150 years.  Using the knowledge and experience gained over these years, and maintaining a close awareness of the needs of consumers and horticulturalists, FREUND-VICTORIA® is constantly improving and updating their products, in order to achieve the highest possible level of quality and utility.  Because of their special design, and a manufacturing process which combines both technical perfection and skilled craftsmanship, TRUE FRIENDS® garden tools have come to be appreciated as the finest by gardeners and professionals the world over.

While quality is not cheap, TRUE FRIENDS® garden tools offer a true value compared to their high quality.  Furthermore, this high quality is merchandised to the consumer, with a full description of product features and characteristics attached to every TRUE FRIENDS® tool at point of sale, so that the consumer understands and appreciates exactly what he is being offered.

All TRUE FRIENDS® shears are under warranty against faulty materials and workmanship.

TRUE FRIENDS® Garden Tools, Inc.


“Listen to the whistle” – the sound of quality.
Only a top quality hedge shear produces a “whistling” sound when opened and closed quickly, as it would be when used.  Work a TRUE FRIENDS® hedge shear with your two hands and “listen for the whistle”.

All TRUE FRIENDS® hedge shears are hot-drop forged.
This process actually improves the molecular structure of the steel, making it tougher and more durable.  Taking a molten ingot of steel and hammering it, compresses the steel and eliminates any weak points within the tool and its edge.  All shears are then heat treated and tempered in order to produce the right degree of hardness.  In additional, All TRUE FRIENDS® hedge shears are hollow ground by means of a special process to limit friction to the cutting edge during cutting which insures long lasting blade sharpness.


All TRUE FRIENDS® pruning shears are hot-drop forged with the exception of the anvil style pruning shears.  Drop forging is not an advantage in the case of anvil pruning shears due to their special design.  All TRUE FRIENDS® pruning shears are heat treated and tempered for ideal hardness.  All are precision made under the highest standards of workmanship – tools that can be used with pride and enjoyment by both the homeowner and professional.


TRUE FRIENDS® lopping shears reflect the same emphasis on quality and craftsmanship demonstrated by the other tools in the TRUE FRIENDS® Garden Tool line.