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The costs of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers, sanitizing agents, etc., are increasing, why mix a gallon or more of chemicals when a quart or two will do? Why not economize and stop unnecessary chemical waste by using the P-50?

GMF P-50 Compressed Air SprayerThe P-50 trigger sprayer is designed to meet your highest standards in both durability and versatility. Any chemicals sprayed with larger units can be used in the P-50. The P-50 trigger sprayer is perfect for landscape maintenance and animal care uses as well as florists, industrial, institutional, janitorial, theatrical, and pest control applications.

A practical, ergonomical design with special quality features such as a precision pumping system with a safety pressure release valve and injection molded components make up the sprayer.

The container once pressurized by 15-20 pumps can spray half of the tanks contents (approx. 24 fl. oz.). A fingertip lever gives a continuous even spray while the fully adjustable nozzle allows a spray pattern of ranging from a full jet to a fine mist.

The P-50 is trouble free - keeping equipment in operation is important. All parts are easily replaced when needed. Parts schematic included with each P-50 trigger sprayer!

Important Specifications Material :
Polypropylene, polyethylene, reinforced polyamide, stainless steel.
VITON® O-ring kits available on request.

Working pressure: 60 psi.
Tank capacity: 50 oz
Working capacity: 48 oz