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osatu backpack Sprayers

Important Innovations incorporated in this range. All of our knapsack sprayers incorporate:

A wide range of models with capacities of 12 - 16 - 20 - 21,5 litres, in which great care has been taken regarding ergonomics, functionality, technology, aesthetics and the latest requirements for distribution (attractive packaging, 3 years guarantee, safety & quality approval, availability of accessories and spare parts in blister packs, etc.). Suitable for use in cultivated plots from 400 m2 up to large-scale intensive industrial use, they meet the needs of both amateurs and the most demanding professional user. The pressure is produced by vertical movements of the pump lever, which compresses air in the pressure chamber. To maintain the pressure while using the sprayer the lever must be operated every 5-15 steps, depending on the model and speed.

Cut  |  Star 12-16 Green  |  Star 2016 Agro  |  Star 16-20 Agro